Sunday, January 17, 2016


It was a bug in the rug kind of day with more cold than snow.

It is the biggest snow of the winter. Woo-hoo. Half an inch. It was cold and windy. I could have trudged through this snow. I would not trudge through the wind.

State and federal tax forms were printed. Tomorrow I might organize receipts. The cats have been threatened with vacuuming. That may not be enough to drive them outside. Tomorrow is going to be colder.

This is winter.


Sallysmom said...

Maybe the cats need sweaters ;)

Lisa Greenbow said...

This looks more like winter.

Lola said...

Get them kitties out. Don't want them getting colder. It sure looks more like winter.

Christopher C. NC said...

That would be an interesting experiment Sallysmom.

It feels like winter Lisa. Today's high was 22 maybe.

Lola the kitties went out for five minutes max. More snow coming towards the end of the week. This is winter.