Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter Blooms Art Show

When a super thick fog finally lifted this morning, parts of it were left stuck in the dried grass plumes. My plans for the day were to pick up the trash along the scenic byway. I sure wasn't going to be doing that in fog that thick. I had to wait until it moved on and hope it would not start raining. It seemed like a good activity to keep me grounded.

My plans for the evening were to help set up and attend the opening reception for the Winter Blooms Art Show hosted by the West Asheville Garden Stroll. The pictures are hung. The opening is done. The show runs through February 2nd at the West Asheville Library on Haywood Rd.

The attendance was light, but it was a most pleasant way to spend an evening. Now that it is officially open, the Art Show can go public on the web for those who can not see it in person. Six photos were claimed by the gardener's where the picture was taken and two were sold.

The web edition is an extended version of the last sixty six photos left in the running before the final cut was made down to forty five for the show. It can be viewed as a slide show or click on a picture and use the arrows to go at your own pace. The final forty five are labeled by "selected" and size.

Click here for The Winter Blooms Art Show.


Dianne said...

Loved the pictures. Sent them to my daughters in Dallas to see. They love Asheville.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Delightful photos. I saw a few from Wambaltopia. I am sure I spelled that wrong but you surely know where I mean. Have the new owners made any major changes there? Have you seen it since it sold? It was such a delightful garden.

Christopher C. NC said...

Glad you enjoyed them Dianne. Asheville is a one of a kind town.

Lisa I have not been back or even driven by Wamboldtopia since it sold. The closing was only back in June. Hopefully the new owners will want to be a part of the community.

Sallysmom said...

Great photos.

Lola said...

I loved the pics.

beverly said...

Enjoyed the photos. These gardens are SO much more interesting than the professionally designed gardens I saw on tour with the Perennial Plant Assn last summer. Rich people + professional garden designers = boring. Unless you have hired Christopher C. (: