Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chop Chop

Round about two o'clock the sun peeked out. There was a meager attempt at the pretense of warmth. Good enough. I went out for some chop and drop in the sunny utility meadow. Another quarter acre of standing dead sticks was laid down. There are plenty more to go.

I could have waited. There is an actual winter weather advisory for tomorrow with the possibility of two whole inches of snow. It could be the biggest snow of the winter so far. That could snap a few stems. I get tired of sitting and being cooped up though. Movement is good. If I can get the cats outside for a while, even better.

Will it be a real snow? It is looking to be the coldest cold with a suggested low of ten. We already did fifteen and the Witch Hazels have taken it in stride.

'Diane' is a little further behind 'Jelena' and with significantly fewer blooms. I have no idea why one cultivar set more flower buds than the other. 'Arnold's Promise' is still closed up tight. It is the last to bloom of the three kinds of Witch Hazels I have. Now that winter is here, it may stick to normal programming.

There is chop and drop left to do in my own garden. In the shade of the forest it is naturally thinner. The easy stuff can wait until last.

Winter is just beginning. A heavy snow and some wicked winds could make the job much easier.

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