Monday, January 11, 2016

Just Cold

There was another light scattering of frozen white dust. So light, that even frozen, it evaporates away as if it never occurred. Waking up to fifteen degrees is perplexing. What can I do? What needs doing? Will there be any days this week when doing is possible? I suppose I can start down loading tax forms.

'Jelena' is too far along in bloom to curl completely back up. It was never warm enough today for the petals to uncurl.

The cold is here, but this winter is, so far, snow deprived. I am less perplexed when there is a nice thick blanket of snow.

One basement patio waits for spring. I will be looking at Habitat's Restore shop and other antique/junk/used goods retail outlets first for a table and chairs. I need furniture with character. A made in China big box item would just be wrong. I hope I can find something fun.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Yes, when the weather get rough the tough go shopping. I am all for that. Good luck on your quest to find a table and chairs.

Lola said...

I can see an antique table & chairs.