Friday, January 15, 2016

A Soggy Bloom Day

It rained all day. Next up is the possibility of some snow and the lowest temperatures of the winter. I knew it was coming so I took some Bloom Day pictures yesterday while it was sunny and warmish.

Both of my baby 'Jelena' Witch Hazel are in full bloom. They started a month early. Mid to late winter is the normal bloom time. 'Diane' has started blooming too, but it did not set near as many flower buds and is not very showy in comparison.

On warmish days the snowdrops perk back up. They may even open their petals if the sun is out and the temperature is right. In the deep cold they flop over acting like they have been frozen. When the cold has passed they rise unscathed.

In sunny and warmish the creatures will follow. In rain, snow and cold they refuse to go outside. It is good to take them out for a walk when it is at all possible. Even cats that can sleep twenty three hours of the day can get cabin fever. That outcome can be disturbing.

Miss Collar is sniffing out fairies.

The garden would appreciate a blanket of snow if we are going to be headed down to ten degrees.

The other 'Jelena' is tucked into the edge of the forest with one of the 'Diane' alongside my driveway. I look forward to when they are six feet tall and wide and greet me on late winter days when I come home.

It's foliage not a flower. It has evergreen flower like foliage. I have found two keiki from seed of the elegant blooms of the Yucca filamentosa. So far they are plain green and not coming variegated from seed. I'm wondering if they might mature to variegated.

In the barren time I can cheat for Bloom Day if I want. My ever blooming orchid is still in bloom. I neglected to take a fresh picture of that. There may be other cheaters at Bloom Day headquarters in Indianapolis. Go have a look.


Lea said...

We have to post whatever we can find in the Winter!
I have a black and white cat, too. I'll be posting photos of him tomorrow (Saturday).
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Lisa Greenbow said...

I hope you got your snow. Nothing blooming here except a couple of orchids. Happy GBBD.