Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Me And The Orchid

Word is a snow storm of historic proportions is going to take out Washington DC on Saturday. Maybe. There is a high probability anyway. High in the mountains of WNC, I will be in the path of and on the periphery of this storm. The next four days are looking snowy and wet and snowy.

It's going to be a touch warmer than the low of four degrees this morning. Hence the wet. It was so cold when I woke up it was snowing without a cloud in the sky. The moisture in the air was frozen bits of glitter floating through the sky.

I went to town today to stock up. Who knows when I'll get out next. This is winter. It's just me, the orchid and three kitties looking out on the frozen world.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Batten down the hatches Christopher. It sounds like it will be a big storm. Hopefully they are exaggerating a bit. Here we are to get 1-3". It probably won't amount to much. We did get our supplies in just in case.
Your orchid is gorgeous. I have two orchids blooming at this time. I have three more with buds. Can't wait to see them.
Stay warm.

Lola said...

Stay warm my fried. It sounds like it's a beaut.