Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prelude To A Storm

Today's snow wasn't the big snow that's still coming. It was the first big flake snow of the winter, a real snow. It was of short duration. Two to four inches was reduced to one to three. Then the first real short snow ended up being another half an inch.

I won't be surprised if all the snow mongering going on right now ends up as just another half an inch. It may be acting like winter now, but this is the wimpiest winter out of nine so far. Knock on wood.

There has to be at least one decent snowfall every winter. Maybe this will be the one. That won't be until Friday/Saturday. Tomorrow I think I'll go to town to do some banking and check on my fish ponds.

Then it will be time for a winter storm. Have at it. Show me some snow.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Amazing that we have had more snow than you. It is usually the other way around. The photo of the Hwy truck reminds me of the tonka trucks in your friends garden. This photo looks like one of them. Can't see the scale in this photo. It conjured up fond memories.

Lola said...

Yes, memories indeed.