Friday, January 29, 2016

Slow Melt

It has not snowed in a week. Cool days and frozen nights make melting a drawn out process. Last night a strong north wind carrying colder cold blew in. My plans for the day were cancelled in the face of a strong wind chilly.

If I had this much snow left after many days of sun, I couldn't be sure the roads at the Posh Estate which sits in a great deal more shade would even be fully melted. Private roads quite often have plowing issues.

So I wait for more melt. The next two days may get close to sixty. That may clear the snow before the next storm arrives. That should clear the rest of the circle of snowdrops planted around the heiau.

'Jelena' is about done blooming for the year. 'Diane' won't be putting on much of a show with so few flower buds. 'Arnold' will do just fine when it decides to bloom.

At this point, next week's storm is looking more like rain than snow. That seems odd. It can change of course.

There wasn't much melt at all today. It took forever to get above freezing. Snowless clouds whizzed by all morning. The wind didn't die down until mid afternoon. I waited.

What will the groundhog say? I'm hoping for snowless and cool, forty five degree days and freezing nights for February. I need to get some work done, but I sure don't want a second false spring in one winter.


Lola said...

Cold winds blow & a slow melt is what it's all about. Love it.

Christopher C. NC said...

It makes for some quality napping time.