Monday, January 25, 2016


The Witch Hazels have been through a lot since they decided to bloom a month early while winter was AWOL. If I had left my parts hanging out like that they would have fallen off weeks ago. Their ability to endure the cold is pretty remarkable.

This bout of winter is more snow than cold. It got to fifty degrees the last two days. The snow has shrunk considerably already.

Both 'Jelena' keep on blooming. Soon they will be done. Even with weather dependent on and off opening, a month long bloom period is impressive.

Shrunk, but far from gone. There is a whole lot of melting yet to happen. There could be a rain assisted melt followed by another pile on of snow over the next few days.

The winter that almost wasn't is not over.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Good to see that all is well and good Outside Clyde.

Lola said...

That Witch Hazel sure is pretty.