Monday, February 29, 2016

A Crocus Hunt

I went for a stroll next door with the beasts on a crocus hunt. I hadn't been over there in a few days. They have arrived. There are plenty more to come. I think Bubarella is going to miss the bulk of the crocus this year. Not to worry. There are thousands upon thousands of daffodils no where close to bloom and millions of minor bulbs that haven't even come up yet.

There are still thousands of snowdrops. They are on their last leg. This week will probably be it except for a few stragglers.

There are early and late blooming crocus. There are also variations in sun, shade and soil temperatures. Bulbarella will see a few crocus no doubt. There are enough on this mountain for a several weeks long bloom cycle.

Two more rows and the roadside vegetable garden will be completely dunged for the season. Weathers depending I could do my first sowing around St. Patrick's Day. We'll see.

I'll be having a little poop experiment this year. One tomato row is getting half alpaca pellets

And half horse manure. Which load of crap will grow a better tomato?

My evergreen clumping bamboo indicates we had a milder winter this year. It stayed evergreen. The last two winters it was defoliated. I hope I get some tall canes from it this year. Defoliation has led to stunted foot high new growth. The label said eight feet high. I only got four so far.

No one ever said gardening on the edge would follow the label instructions.


Dana Foerster said...

Please keep us informed on your "tomato challenge" contest results!

Lola said...

Yes, keep us informed about the toms. Dung will do it. Guess it's a bag for me.