Monday, February 22, 2016

'Diane' At The Posh Estate

When there is an ample budget, you can buy big.

Without a budget I got a twig. My twig will look like 'Diane' at the Posh Estate one day.

I did however end up buying five twigs for the price of one big 'Diane'.

One day all my twigs will look like this.

Dung direct is the way to go. It is so much easier and faster than aging it in piles down below then having to screen it and tote it back up hill.

The roadside vegetable garden is almost completely dunged. The fact that it has been coming gravel free of late is the real reason why this is possible. I don't want three quarter inch road base gravel in my fluffy soil.

There was a little surprise when I got home. They popped up out of nowhere almost. I saw them coming. I wasn't expecting them to open so soon.

I need to go on a snowdrop walk the next time the weather cooperates and before it is too late. I was too pooped out for it today.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I had my first crocus two days ago. They were a surprise to me too. The posh estate Diane is gorgeous. Mine is reverting. I should cut out the top but the top is tall and I like that. I will just see how long it will remain a double plant.

Lola said...

Diane at the posh estate is pretty but I like yours better. I like to watch things grow.