Friday, February 5, 2016

Back To Winter

I woke up to a trace of snow and seventeen degrees. The day never warmed up enough to be useful. I never got motivated enough to do anything useful.

I did ponder the cabin side bed. The original thought was a zen like sedge lawn of sorts with a few flowers for interest and the one Japanese maple tree. I have the start of that. Then a whole lot of asters and other tall wild flowers that I don't have the heart to whack moved in. Some iris, mums and daylilies with no place to go ended up in there. The zen lawn of sedge idea got very cluttered.

I need to be ruthless this year and rip out the tall wild stuff and other extraneous intruders. I'd like to add more of the variegated evergreen sedge. The acorus was a nice addition to the theme. There is room for more of that. Wish me luck.

I wandered down to the fire pit this morning to stir up the coals and burn off the remnants of some bigger log pieces. I forgot to contemplate the rearranged art piece while I was down there. It was cold.

I wandered back at the peak of no where near warm, grabbed the metal ring and pulled it out. I like that better, simple, with the glass in front of the tile table top.

This can be contemplated as winter returns. Snow is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday and the high temperatures next week don't really qualify as such. The crocus and species tulip ring around the fire pit has been put on hold.

I couldn't just toss a perfectly good piece of junk. It didn't get far. It ended up hanging in a tree.

It will need to be painted again. I'm thinking red.

Someone thinks this cracked pot has a familiar vibe. I'm thinking any time their business gets done outside it's a good thing. Just going outside is a good thing. Their minimum operating temperature is no better than mine.


Lola said...

By all means---red is the way to go.

Christopher C. NC said...

Red will make it stand out even in the time of vegetation.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Ahhh yes, I can see that now. I like the metal circle out of the glass picture. It now looks like a pool on it's side. The glass appears like water reflecting the surround. Interesting. I like the color red.

Christopher C. NC said...

It's better without the metal ring Lisa. I hadn't thought of a sideways pool. I have thought of adding the smaller round glass table top to the composition. We'll see.