Wednesday, February 24, 2016


This is one view that gets me through the barren time. I finished the chop and drop on this slope below the roadside vegetable garden and in the sunny utility meadow yesterday during a break in the rain. The wild flower surround in the roadside vegetable garden is next. The grasses will come down in a couple more weeks. The changing season is upon us.

This is one of the main reasons I hand chop three acres of wild flowers. Thousands upon thousands of bulbs of every color and kind are waking to put on the early spring show. Many of them are quite petite, no more than three inches high. Viewing them in a thicket of four foot high dead sticks is a major detriment to the show.

The warmish temperatures in the last week have sent a clear message to the bulbs. Time to wake up. Step one in the possibility of a reliable, repeat blooming, multiplying tulip is complete. 'Negrita' has returned. For a tulip not to get eaten by some damn varmint is a feat in itself.

I  received a nice letter from the electric company. They will be in our area and doing their right of way maintenance some time in the next Eighteen Months. That sure beats the cable and phone companies for appointment windows.

It said if I should have any concerns to call and schedule a visit. Yes, I have concerns. Yes, I want an on site visit and consultation. As a matter of fact, I want to make sure you don't skip over me because my section of the utility easement is so clear and tidy. I want to take full advantage of any tree chopping you are willing to do. Cut it to the ground! Then clean it up. No chop and drop for you!

By the way, could I have the wood chips too.

The best part is I was told we are already on the "Do Not Spray" list.

A wood pecker is making wood chips down in the forest. That is a lot for a wood pecker, but not enough for me.

Our little stream is running high with all the rain. The ground is thoroughly moist.

Things are going to change before the change sets in permanent. The fine print is saying two to four inches of snow. The fine print could say that for two to four more weeks. 'Arnold' it's going to snow.

There is a garden in the utility easement up there on top at the end of the line that is about to buried in snow. It's in the last four poles. One of them is painted red. Take it as a warning.

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