Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dung Direct

It was pouring rain and there wasn't much snow left when I went to bed. It took a few before I noticed it had turned to snow in the night. It simply did not register as out of the ordinary when I first looked out the window. Snow. Whatever. Oh. It snowed.

It was all gone again when I got back this afternoon. The sun came out. The sky was blue. The temperature made it past forty too. I could see the clouds following me home though. Within an hour it was grey and overcast. More snow was on the way.

My truck was filled with tubs of dung. I just know I will not be getting around to adding more aged poop to the roadside vegetable garden from my piles down below. My schedule is pretty well booked the moment the weather turns. I have a full dump truck load of mulch to move this week during the spring like days ahead.

I decided to deposit this load of manure direct.

I won't be planting anything for a month, possibly longer. Most of the garden won't be planted until the middle of May. That will allow time for some decomposition and settling of contents. I know for a fact that on any warm day, the earthworms will move right on in. They can process this poop pretty fast.

The manure makers have been stuck at the barn of late. The pasture has been chewed to the nub. This is dung made of close to pure hay. The best part of it is the tub fillers have not been digging into the gravel of the paddock because it has been frozen. I like my dung gravel free.

'Diane' was in focus this afternoon.

It started raining before dark. It was a rather chunky rain which told me the diagnosis was going to be a bit off. Sure enough, within twenty minutes the chunky rain had turned to sloppy wet snow.

It's snowing hard and still above freezing. I wonder if there will be any snow on the ground when I wake up in the morning.


Lola said...

Age poop is good. Poop direct is good at this time as it will make the earth like new.

G. Joseph Thorpe said...

Really enjoy your blog. Met you at tour of your location. Thanks for your time and talents. TN George

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola by the time I plant it will be aged enough.

Hi George nice to meet you again. Glad you enjoy the blog.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I do envy your dung. I need some for my garden.