Sunday, February 7, 2016

Warm Enough For Paint

Except for a fresh crop of fallen tree branches and sticks, the ridge top garden is ready for spring. The chop and drop of the dried wild flower remnants is done.

An acre and a half of ground was chopped with manual hedge clippers in three visits. That is possible because this is a shaded forest garden and the wild flower residue by this time of winter is a ghost of its summer lush.

I actually prefer using hedge clippers over a weed whacker because one, it is quiet and two there is more dexterity and control over what gets chopped. I need to be careful around some of the smaller shrubberies and I certainly don't want to be whacking the bulbs that are coming up.

They are coming up. This is only the tip of the bulbberg. I'm am seeing just the faintest of stirrings.

Good thing. The fine print in the weather diagnosis should have said wicked with the wind chill. I may get eight inches of snow in the next three days. It's a Tennessee border snow. That means me.

I finished the chop and drop and had enough time to run to town for a few extra supplies. While I was there and since it was warm and dry enough, a can of red spray paint was purchased.

I like red.

Red is better, but I am not sold on the current where and how of its hanging. It might need to go elsewhere and higher, much higher, in the trees. It may need to hang like a mobile from a wire.

This will get me through the winter storm they are calling it now. Before it was just snow.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the red too. It sort of looks like crosshairs.

Christopher C. NC said...

Well let's hope no drunken hunters get any bright ideas.

Cheryl K. said...

The red does make your objet stand out in the winter shades of brown and gray, in a good way. But I have to laugh at the above exchange - I would not have thought of Lisa's image, but now I will never be able to unsee it.

Lola said...

Sure like the red but hope the hunters don't take it to heart. Lol. Maybe a tad higher would be better. Stay warm during the STORM.

Christopher C. NC said...

I can't unsee it either Cheryl, so I went to look at some Alexander Calder mobiles for inspiration.

I went scouting higher tree branches in between snow showers Lola. So far this has been a wimpy storm.