Sunday, February 14, 2016

No Snow

It's 8pm and not a flake has fallen. I'm beginning to think this storm is going to miss me. The diagnosis is leaning more towards rain by the hour.

Mind you the high today was 22. Since dark, the temperature has begun to rise.

It was thickly overcast and looked like snow was imminent all day. I proceeded with my cleaning the other house plans.

Bulbarella will be returning next month. It could take me that long to clean the house. I know. I know. That looks like a tiny little house. It is actually three stories though, with a walk out basement and full loft suite. And I try to be thoroughly clean, getting all the corners that are neglected the rest of the year. I got the loft done today.

I had worried when the kitties stayed over during my travels because I did not bring over any mice for them to play with. There was no need. Once I started vacuuming it was obvious they had found plenty of mice on their own; the toy kind, not the real kind.

Will it snow again? Starting Wednesday, there is looking to be a stretch of spring.


beverly said...

Your grasses have kept on looking really nice this winter.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Those mountains look odd in winter without a bunch of snow on them. Stay warm.

Lola said...

Seems as tho it will come sometime unannounced. I love how the grasses have stood up.