Monday, February 15, 2016

Bloom Day Melt

First they said snow. Then they said rain. What I got was black clouds, strong winds and some mist. This storm plain missed. It won't be the first time I have watched a storm hit the high peaks and move north without making it over the mountains.

I also got a doubling of degrees which along with the mist set a melt into motion. I was expecting my Bloom Day to be buried in snow. Instead I have 'Arnold's Promise' Witch hazel ready to go.

This crocus was poised to bloom ten days ago. Then it got buried in snow. It has been in suspended animation ever since. The sun will be out by Wednesday. By Friday it will be sixty degrees. When that happens things GO! I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot of crocus very soon.

'Diane' is blooming. Sorry it is out of focus, but I don't recall any focus rules for Bloom Day.

The snowdrops are being released from an icy grip. They will resume business right where they left off as if nothing at all happened over the last week and a half of frigid snowy days.

Some of the snowdrops are past peak. There are thousands more, with some of them just coming up. That makes for an extended period of snowdrops.

By late afternoon the snow was well on its way to gone. I cleaned the main floor of the house next door while it melted. One more floor to go. Then I will consider some light mopping.

More importantly, the pipes at the well head next door need repair again. A brand new hose bib was snapped off in the cold. %^&@(*!!) The well was off. The pipes were drained. How did a brand new metal hose bib snap off at the threads like that? Damn Cheap Crap from China!!!

Ohmm....... It will be spring soon.


Lea said...

Amazing to see blooms in the snow!

Dana Foerster said...

Pretty snow drops.....and colorful crocus. Wonder if you'll have normal spring blooming
schedule, considering the unusually warm Nov, Dec, and early January?

Lisa Greenbow said...

It is amazing how fast snow can come and go.
'no focus rules' made me giggle this morning. ha....

Lola said...

Pretty blooms. Good cleaning for mom.

Flower Alley said...

Nice NC views. I was a baby and stayed inside during the ice. The birds are singing today. Hooray!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lea we plant for early blooms and the it can snow until April.

Dana I think there will be some minor damage and loss of bloom, but nothing horrendous.

Lisa those Witch hazel are a challenge.

Lola it would be nice if someone in Florida could do likewise.

Flower Alley even in snow and ice I make it to the front porch at a minimum. The birds are coming back. I have been hearing them.