Friday, February 12, 2016

More Winter

I am either getting jaded or so good at this winter business that the subtleties of snow have become observable. It snowed pretty much all day and again, nothing piled up. It certainly wasn't warm enough for melting. Something is happening to make all that snow disappear. I have a steady one inch layer.

Then I saw pictures from today from twenty five miles north with eight inches of snow piled up. The folds of these mountains make for some extreme variations.

There are fewer fuzzy concentrations lurking in the corners. That is the best I can say about today. This will continue until Tuesday. Oh joy.

But I have another house I can clean and I received a copy of Nan Ondra's new book The Perennial Matchmaker that is filled with luscious photos. I see I am in company with many fine gardening friends.

Winter continues at Ku'ulei A'ina. If I leave footprints to walk in, Miss Collar will venture off the front porch. It takes very little time for her to determine conditions are not up to par.


Lisa Greenbow said...

All of these photos make your area look cold. It looks much like this here. Brrrr...
Yes, I too got a copy of Nan's book. Isn't it fun? Here I am trying to add more shrubs and small trees to my garden and I get this book. Oh joy...more perennials I have to have.

Lola said...

Good reading.