Tuesday, February 23, 2016

They're Here

It takes forever for the snowdrops to reach peak bloom as they wait out each successive blast of winter. Their end is much quicker. A week of warmish and slightly sunny is about all they can handle before the fade begins. The snowdrops will be finished soon.

The good news about the bad news is the galvanized pipe changes over to PVC directly below where the pipe descends in to the ground. That means there is no need to dig a trench along the pipe as it heads towards the house. The entire U shape of pipe coming out of the well needs to be replaced. The horizontal piece is nothing but a collection of fittings and couplings. Every single one of them could break.

I'm calling the well man. He has to change the part the goes down the well shaft. He might as well do the whole thing.

They're here. The crocus have arrived. The ones that have awaken are about to get pummeled by rain and maybe buried by snow. They should have waited a few more days.

'Arnold's Promise' has also decided to come into full bloom right before the storm.

Temperatures in the mid to upper 50's is what is causing all this motion. The sun itself has been in rather short supply.

The ring of crocus around the fire pit has woken up. I'm seeing leaves of the species tulips. Both of them are subject to predation. It's always good to see them coming back.

It's also good to see them come back fat, healthy and in increased in number. Good bulbs.

They're here. I wonder how much snow I'm gonna get?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love all those crocus. I have very few popping up. Yellow ones. Fun.
I hope the plumbing problems are easy to fix.

Lola said...

Go well man, go. I have plants like the ones in the last pic but solid green & never bloomed. Don't know what they are.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the pipe replacement is pretty straight forward. It shouldn't be a problem. The hard part is pulling the pump line and not letting it fall down the shaft. That's what the well man is equipped to do.

Lola the well man has been called. Not my worry anymore. All the crocus have that very distinct white stripe in the leaf. Must be something else.