Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Slightly Off

The big snow I was expecting Sunday into Monday came on Tuesday night from a completely different storm wave.

This was predicted as "no significant accumulation." It started snowing at 36 degrees. A lot of it melted on impact. There would have been a whole lot more snow on the ground if it had all stuck.

Uncle Ernie got a new do.

It was still snowing off and on this morning and still snowing when I left to prepare a garden for mulch spreading. There was no snow in town and barely any left by the time I arrived at my destination. This was a classic above 3500 feet, north west flow snow. That would mean me.

When I came home the snow was still there. A good melt was in progress, but it was obvious it got a very late start. It was also getting suspiciously cloudy. Then it began to snow.

I now assume I will have three spring like days to move a mountain of mulch down where there is no snow. It may start again next Tuesday or something like that anyway. So the diagnosis goes.

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Lola said...

It never fails. Lol. Like Uncle Ernie's new do.