Monday, February 8, 2016

Snow Oddity

It began late as a fine sleet.

Then turned to a picture perfect fluffy big flake snow.

It snowed heavy. The ground was quickly covered.

Then it was over. In the same amount of time it took to fall, it melted away to nothing. The storm was nothing more than passing showers, each producing a different variation of frozen. Dark, then sunshine. Spits and short down pours.

A heavy round came at the end of the day. You could call it fat sleet I guess. It pinged on the metal roof of the front porch.

The pacing impression pressed into the earth from a roving gardener in other times is revealed. Today I followed the cats example during this snow oddity. There was little movement. Discarded hairs drifted to hidden gatherings.


Dana Foerster said...

Sounds like some cat-napping was going on at your place 🐱🐱🐱.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Fun seeing your path. There is always fur gatherings in our house. tee hee...

Lola said...

It all looks good.