Sunday, February 21, 2016

At Least I Have Snowdrops.

Was it the fourth or fifth attempt? I lost count. There was one more try today to put the hose bib station at the well head next door back together with no drips and after a brand new hose bib had snapped off at the threads unaided and unseen by me.

It was disassembled then reassembled. The water filters were cleaned. The well pump was turned on. I heard the click from the pressure switch that shuts the pump off when the system is filled. Good sign.

Next I proceeded to flush the lines. Hmm? There is no hot water. That is very bad. Has the tankless hot water heater been sent over the edge by all the corrosion debris and grit in the water? It was already ailing. Hmm? There is no water in the dish washer. The filter underneath it needs to be cleaned. A pain, but doable.

I best go check the well head for drips. Oh Crap, Crap, Crap!!!! Another section of the old galvanized pipe has sprung a leak. I give. The whole thing is so corroded it has to be rebuilt from scratch. Now it involves digging up the water line that goes from the well head to the house.

Oh Crap, Crap, Crap!!!! I can't have hot water or a dishwasher until I have a water system with no holes. The pump was shut down one more time.

I'll think about digging a hole when it stops raining. Oh Crap!!!!!

At least I have snowdrops.

I have three weeks before Bulbarella returns and there has to be a functioning water system next door. Perhaps it is time to call the well drilling company since who knows how much of that old galvanized pipe is on the pump side of the line. I can't fix what is down that hole. Digging up the line on the house side isn't too thrilling of an idea either.

I'd rather go hunting for crocus.


C. C. said...

Feeling your pain. We're renovating bathrooms, hot water lines are almost completely blocked in the old galvanized pipes. Plastic pipes to the rescue.

One of these days I'll plant snowdrops. We do have a few crocus and daffs blooming. It was a balmy weekend, can't wait for spring.

Christopher C. NC said...

Luckily CC, the galvanized pipe is only at the well head and converts to PVC some where between the house and well. I hope straight down from where it goes underground. It comes into the house PVC and changes over to the flexible pex pipe from there.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Oh darn. It seems like when one thing goes several others follow suit. I hope it is all fixed by the time Bulberella arrives. Good luck.

Lola said...

Sorry for all your problems. Saw my first Snowdrop bloom this morning. Whoo hooooo.