Saturday, February 20, 2016

March Of The Snowdrops

My rest period is drawing to an end. The snowdrops have told me so.

In the absence of snow and cold, I have been moving a mountain of mulch in a garden that is going to be on tour this June. I'm wore out. Adjusting to full days of labor is as trying as adjusting to the first waves of deep cold. It's kind of a shock to the system.

The snowdrops are in full bloom and the crocus are waking up. More daffodils are showing. It's inevitable. All decent working days are already booked.

I managed to go for a short walk when I came home even though the drizzle of the next, days long round of wet had begun. I want to know what my garden has been up to while I was gone. 'Jelena' continues to bloom. This has been going on for quite some time.

'Arnold's Promise ' is ready to pop. The diagnosis is for warmish wet until slightly cold, maybe snow, returns on Thursday. That will give 'Arnold' plenty of time to open.

More and more crocus are poking up from the earth. Warm is good. Sunshine is essential in order for them to open.

A garden of winter interest is growing along. There is still time left for that. It will be about two more months before the Lush cranks back up.

This is a busy time in gardens. There are a lot of springs chores to get ready for and to stay ahead of the time of vegetation.

The march of the snowdrops is speaking.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I have been in the garden the past couple of days. It is tiring. It will be awhile before I am work brickle. It is so nice being out and hearing the birds sing. We had our first flies and mosquitoes yesterday.

Lola said...

Love those snowdrops. Mine are yet to show. Could it be that they have disappeared for some unknown reason?

Christopher C. NC said...

Work brickle Lisa? Ick to flies and mosquitoes. It is still early for our gnat season.

Lola are you talking snowdrops - Galanthus or Snowflakes- Luecojum? Galanthus should be up by now for sure. Either one could disappear from wet soil or varmints possibly.

Lola said...

They have been up just no blooms till early this morning.