Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another Melt

They weren't completely buried. Some of the flower buds were sticking out on top of the snow. The result was some minor frost bite on the flowers that had gotten ahead of things. Or maybe they got pollinated on the one nice day they had.

It's back to spring again. The melt is on. There are bulbs popping up everywhere. There is no stopping it now.

'Arnold's promise' won't be stopped either. The bloom is on. It's looking spring like until the end of the week. Then I am seeing a chance of snow in the diagnosis for Friday. Off and on. Snow. Melt. Repeat.


Cynthia Morris said...

Its wonderful to start seeing color popping up!

Lola said...

Love those pop ups.

Christopher C. NC said...

I'm ready for it Cynthia. Time to get back to work.

Lola they do pop up overnight.