Saturday, February 6, 2016

One More Day Of Cold

I may get some chop and drop done tomorrow on the last day of cold before the snow and bitter cold arrives. Bitter cold is any day when the high is below freezing. Monday to Wednesday is looking like that. Taxes here I come.

It has already been cold enough for the snowdrops to wilt. They perk back up with enough sun and degrees above freezing. Snow cover would be good for them. It will protect them from drying winds.

I planted a circle of snowdrops around the heiau becoming two falls ago. They are already more noticeable their second year. In two to three more seasons, this circle of white should be visible from the front porch.

It's nice the beasts are at least willing to go for a short walk with me in the late afternoon. Mostly it has been too cold for them to want to be outside. The varmints are having free rein. So far the remaining Hesperaloe look unchewed. Damn varmints!

I don't believe in spring until mid March. It takes me that long to get the wild cultivated gardens ready on the available days when things can be done. The chop and drop needs to be finished. Then I can move on to getting the roadside vegetable garden ready for spring. I have the vegetable garden annex to prep this year too.

I need more winter time. I just need some intermittent with it.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is supposed to get cold and snowy here tomorrow too. Enjoy your nice winter day.