Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Torture Device

It looks nice enough out there doesn't it? Well let me tell you, it wasn't nice at all. A severe lack of sufficient degrees is one thing. It is even tolerable on a bright sun shiny day.

But the wind was blowing strong as the last bits of snow came to an end. It was torture out there.

Sunday evening through Tuesday is scheduled for stormy. More snow is coming. Despite the wicked cold, the break in the snow was a chance to go to town before I ran out of cream for my coffee. I also wanted to stop in and visit a friend who just bought a new home in Waynesville. I was the very first guest.

One of the creators of Wamboldtopia has moved to Waynesville. I see many good things ahead for her.

I got the full tour. Down in the bowels of the basement I spotted an objet.

There was a time when people didn't mess around. Things were made to last. Cheap crap from China was unheard of. This house was probably built in the forties. What was this sturdy, strange and medieval looking objet that had been left behind?

I gingerly picked it up. What is this I asked.

That horrible thing. I don't want it. It needs to go.

Then it is mine. A coat of spray paint maybe. It will be a fine. Something to dangle from a tree, this evil looking thing. Check out them spikes and that spring. It looks like some kind of torture device.

I don't even try. I don't look for these things. Objets just accumulate. It's one of those things.

Out in the forest, a tall meadow in summer, it gathers, stone and the hard debris of civilization. But what does it mean? It's a riddle intended for later. I'm not the one who needs to figure it out.


Dianne said...

A varmint trap?

Christopher C. NC said...

It is a varmint trap Dianne. I'm not giving away what kind varmint just yet. Just imagine what them spikes would do once the spring is loaded.

Marsha M said...

It's got to be for moles. But it's been illegal to kill moles until just this year. Probably came over from Tennessee.

Christopher C. NC said...

Marsha I had to google killing moles in NC. What I saw, a bit indecisive from a few links, was physically killing them was ok, but there were no baits or poisons that were legal in NC for moles. Course all kinds of things have been smuggled into NC from Tennessee.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I have one of those mole traps. It works. Instant death.
I bet you have all sorts of new traffic with that Subject line. ha...

Christopher C. NC said...

I did not consider that Lisa. I hope it doesn't set off the Australian vermin lover.

Lola said...

Watch out for them. They seem to love animals.