Thursday, February 4, 2016

Preparing For A Crocus Ring

Last time I wandered down to the Great Lawn I noticed the ring of crocus and species tulips around the fire pit were starting to come up. Two sunny sixty degree days have a powerful effect. I don't want a big hairball of sticks in there when they are in bloom. It was time for a fire.

While I was down there having a fire I made an adjustment on something that has been bugging me  for weeks. Can you spot it?

I wasn't liking the placement of the glass table top and metal ring anymore. I decided to combine them into one art piece with the tile table top and see if I like that better. The metal ring definitely needs a new coat of paint. Maybe the metal ring just needs to go away.

It's free art made with junk. Absent any financial commitment, it is completely changeable. I'll ponder it some more.

I am a bit surprised 'Jelena' is still blooming. The Witch Hazels have a very long bloom time. I can't wait for them to grow into eight foot high shrubberies.

Now I am ready for a crocus and species tulip ring. I can only hope there are not a whole lot more wicked, branch shredding winds before they bloom. I'd have to make a hairball of sticks some where else in the garden.


Carol McKenzie said...

I am so ready to have a fire here, but I still can't quite manage to bend down to pick up sticks. (Hip replacement mid-December). Maybe this weekend I can corral my son to help with assemblage, and I can just work on feeding the flames.

Lisa Greenbow said...

"hairball of sticks" So darn funny.
I like the circles all together rather than scattered. Maybe the tile behind the glass???

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol this weekend may be your last chance for a fire before winter returns for a visit. I pick up sticks constantly. When the hairball gets big enough, I light it up.

That's what they remind me of Lisa. There are two giant hairballs in my mom's garden that need to be burned from two years of collecting. I'm liking the circles together better too. The glass is in front of the tile table top. It's just clean.