Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Crocus Have Arrived

The cold ended as abruptly as it arrived. It was a most pleasant day. I went to look. The crocus in the ridge top garden had not opened in the cold of the morning. Then a surprise. The yellow crocus that fell out of the ground at Client #1's and ended up in my front driveway bed were in bloom. A solitary bulb has multiplied quite a bit over the years. Look at all those buds in waiting.

I took the time on a pleasant day to hand mow the wildflower surround of the roadside vegetable garden. I sneak in little garden chores when I can.

Then it was time to install the last two lights in the basement patio. The first one was a pain. They have a light sensor mechanism in the base to keep them off during daylight. This little square box interfered with the lights sitting flush on the electric mounting box. After the inspection - if they pass - I will take them off and glue a little piece of wood in the base the same depth as the light sensor on the opposite side to help them sit flush. Right now they droop a little and it annoys me.

But that's it. Hale Mana ( Hall A Mawn a - perhaps that will help ) is ready for inspection. A state of confusion ensued. What am I supposed to do now?

I went next door for a cup of coffee. I can go for a stroll. Maybe the warm has opened the crocus. Indeed it has. The crocus are here.

This is the new bulb podge planting in a space opened up by turning old log sections into firewood. A lot of the new purchases have ended up in here. Buy a few bulbs every year and before you know it you have a Bulbapaloozathon.

It is certainly a good way to break the spell of winter in a forest that will remain naked for another two whole months.

Doing nothing didn't last long. It was a most pleasant day, not to be left to waste. There was a project I could work on.

I was having second thoughts, but now that I have put a pattern in it and it has grown, I am liking the wine bottle edging more.

I will put it in on the left side too to the beginning of the garden access road. I think I will also use the wine bottle edging on the shores of the Lake of the Floating Turd Blossoms. Repetition is a major component of good landscape design.

Let the gardening begin ..... and the rest of the painting.


Anonymous said...

I adore crocus! I have some creamy white ones in bloom for the first time.

Lola said...

Hoooray for the Crocus. Spring has sprung. Wish they would grow in my garden.
Bottle edging looks great. I like the idea of them being on both sides. I see what you mean about the lights.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Christopher! I used Copyscape and found a site that has copies of mine, yours and other bloggers' posts. I wanted to send them e-mail but the address shown on that site is not valid.
Sorry to bring you this news. Your Daffodil post is there.

Siria said...

Yeah! This has been such fun to watch the cozy cabin ~ Hale Mana ~ come out of the ground and become this beautiful home. Hale Mana is ready for her inspections!!! How exciting! Congratulations! (and I love the white crocus).

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How exciting. Blooms, gardening and inspections. Best of luck with the inspection.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom some white ones are bound to show up here, though I think they are fewest in number.

Yes hooray for crocus Lola. I hope I can get those two lights to sit flush without much trouble.

Hi Tatyana. Thanks for the heads up. The email at that site works when you remove the spaces in it. He said he removed my posts and that he had never seen my blog. He is just scraping RSS feeds to have a place for ads.

Siria it is the end of an era. Now on to the garden.

Thanks Lisa. I will have my fingers crossed for a first success. Then I can have all the utilities turned on and Hale Mana will come to life.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Very nice looking lights you've installed. The "basement" patio's gonna be great. I predict you'll spend much time there emptying bottles for the "Lake of the Floating Turd Blossoms" retaining wall.