Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daffodil Progress

I probably don't need to worry about things breaking dormancy too soon. After plenty wind and another dash of rain in the night it stayed cool, kept blowing and has now decided to turn frigid. There was a hard frost Wednesday morning and the lows keep grasping at freezing.

Not to discount the sun and warm that has been equally present. It has definitely set the daffodils in motion. They are popping up all over. That is to be expected on Bulbhilla.

The early bloomers are showing some bud.

The mid season bloomers are showing some leaf.

There are still thousands of daffodils in hiding.

The stroll was brief. Two weeks of warmish has damaged our winter shield. The wind did not help. Even the Spots thought it too cold and dashed back inside when I headed in.

Hundreds of crocus are also beginning to appear.

Some contemplate blooming. Even though I have also checked in the morning, I have yet to see one open. Maybe they do not sense any pollinators about.

This new cold could prolong the snowdrops even more while I wait for the real show to begin.

I did manage to get one exterior light installed. The cool and wind deterred me from continuing with the remaining two. There is always tomorrow. I went back inside and rechecked the wiring of the fixtures with double switches. They were fine.

A large grit and sediment filter with a flush valve was added at the well head. Now there are two filters for the water system. I even put in my ground level rain gutters. If the inspector man says I have to have gutters I will point to the gravel trench in the drip line of the roof that is under laid with heavy duty pond quality plastic. That is my gutter. The downspout is hiding under that rock.

Progress is always incremental. Eventually it all adds up.


Lola said...

I do hope the cool spell doesn't last long. Even the spots don't like it. That's cute.
Hopefully the inspector man won't find anything wrong.
Tried my new toy out today & it works great. An edger {2 in 1} to edge my flower beds.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! That extra filter on the well head is a good thing. We need to do that as we are constantly cleaning and changing our current filter due to all the sediment killing our water pressure.

I'm so excited for you!The incremental progress is looking really good!

Anonymous said...

What are the shrubs in the first picture?

Anonymous said...

"Bulbhilla" - I love it! I'm sure your ground gutters will pass inspection. That actually seems like a better way to do it than have all the water pouring out of a downspout like a river and eroding the ground beneath it. Happy Daffodils; winter's back is broken!


Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it warmed up nicely today I am hoping for a first try passing grade too.

Siria the resident gardeners house has the same dirty filter/losing pressure problem. The filter at the well head can be flushed like turning on a spigot to eject the dirt many times before you have to clean that filter. Hopefully this will save on the in house water filter cleaning.

Sallysmom those reddish looking shrubs are the barberries with lots of fruits still holding on. Major thorny.

Bev I think the snow would rip gutters off the roof the very first winter even if you get the right kind. I'm not going to do it unless Haywood County agrees to pay for repairs. I have buried drain lines top and bottom to collect the water and send it away from the cabin.