Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Quite

The morning was spent at a new client's. Two retaining walls were built on the slope above a circular drive creating a three tiered and sizable planting area. This will be a fun project. The request was to attract the birds and the bees. I can do that.

The afternoon saw more rocks stacked and an exterior light installed at the service entrance. I painted before hand including the electric mounting box for the light so it will blend in. The prep work was done to bond the gas line to the extra grounding screw in the meter box where the electric supply to the cabin comes in. Randy do you know anything about bonding gas lines? I hope this is what I am supposed to do, ie run a ground wire from the metal gas line to the grounding bar in the meter box.

It was much cooler today after a dash of rain in the night. I went to check on the crocus.

I think one of my next projects in the wild cultivated garden is to start gathering up or chopping into firewood more of these stray log sections that litter the place. Regular maintenance is really starting to get this place in shape in a wild cultivated sort of way. Less clutter would be nice I think.

Logs and stumps are another matter. The fallen logs in particular are so much a part of the ambiance of the garden. They really say the gardeners just came in and started planting in the forest.

A bulb podge is emerging in a new bed created by removing a bunch of the old log sections. Give Bulbarella bare ground and she will fill it. Crocus join some of the allegedly perennial species tulips and what look to be some fancy hybrid tulips too. They didn't get et up. That's a start.

Not quite. There are more flower buds, but nobody opened in the cool of the day.

I found another item to do before I call the inspector man. The main water line needs to be insulated where it comes out of the ground to go into the cabin. I intended to do that all along. I just thought it might be better to do it before the inspector man comes nosing around. It is suggested in the code book. Once that is done I could even finish gravel the drainage path for the roof water to the buried drain line.

I'm not quite ready to call for inspection. I want to try to minimize potential rejection before hand.


Lola said...

It would be nice for some of the logs to be removed but that is some of the charm of the wilderness garden.
Glad some of your clients are calling even tho it may be a tad early.
It won't be long now till the Cozy Cabin will be inhabited. It's been a long adventure.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher!
The wild cultivated garden is looking like it is ready for spring's arrival. Exciting times to be in a low spot on a North Carolina mountaintop outside Clyde! Your cozy cabin is looking great!

Randy Emmitt said...


I think you are on track for the bonding process. Thanks for reminding me I did some repairs under the house and it needs to be bonded also.

Going to apply for a zoning compliance permit and building permit tomorrow, hate all the process to get a job going.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is a tad early. The nurseries don't have much more than pansies at the moment. Perhaps the adventure is just beginning.

Siria the wild cultivated garden is geting there. I have another acre and a half to hand mow.

Thanks Randy for the reassurance. I always have to give myself a little pep talk when it is time to deal with the inspectors.