Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Only Snowdrops

The big blizzard snow storm smacking the Midwest then heading to New England is going to be mostly rain for me, hallelujah. There may be a few snow flurries on the back side come Saturday into Monday, but I should be spared another major snow dump according to the diagnosis.

It will turn cold again, but our south western portion of the mountain is now almost snow free. The bulbs will be able to sense sunlight and should begin to stir with a bit more vigor. For now there are only snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis.

The last two years Bulbarella sank a shovel into the main clump of snowdrops and carted the bulbs off to other locations. Where I do not know because I haven't found them yet. They are tiny bulbs and tiny plants and she said she only planted a few bulbs in the new places. Even past eighty the woman is patient enough to let a clump of bulbs multiply at its own pace.

The snowdrops do set seed and spread on their own as well. That wasn't happening fast enough for Bulbarella though, so she decided to assist them a bit and expand their range much further out.

There is little sign of the 10,000 daffodils. There is little sign of the carpet of Spanish bluebells, the Hyacinthoides hispanica. There's not a single crocus to be seen. I have found a few bluebells and a whisper of daffodils, but for now it is really only the snowdrops that let me know the tide has turned.

There are ample details involving multiple steps needing attention in the cabin to keep me busy while this round of weathers passes through and while I wait for the bulbs to get busy.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

What a cheery sight! I hope this means that winter is over for you. I have no idea if my snowdrops are blooming under the snow or not.

Carol Michel said...

The tide has turned? Not here, not yet, though I love your phrase "a whisper of daffodils". I'd settle for a hint of a whisper of daffodils right now!

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes the tide has turned, but I am bound to be hit with a few more winter waves before it is all over. Right now we are doing gale force winds and rain.

I think this current storm is going to set the two of you's spring back a couple weeks.

Lola said...

Things seem to be on track here. Cool but not too so. Nothing blooming yet.
J'ville was pleasant tonight.

growingagardenindavis said...

I can't wait to see the daffodils! But for now the sight of the snowdrops makes me smile.

chuck b. said...

If anyone deserves a break from heavy snow and blizzards, surely it is you.

I have summer snowdrops blooming now (Galanthus or Leucojum, whichever). daffodils have some leaves up, but that is all. Meanwhile some bulb-raiding rodent is digging up my tulips and lilies. Sad for me. How do they know where to find them? The bulbs must be fragrant or something.

Anonymous said...

Bulbarella is a role model for us all! I envy you those snowdrops, can barely get them to grow here at all. What is needed is good material to begin with. I'll trade ya something for some, just name it!
How about that last weekend temps, we were in Asheville, it was like summer. Ice Cream was in high demand. :-)

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it should be azalea season for you in another month.

Leslie it's another six weeks to the first daffodil and about ten to the peak of the Bulbapaloozathon.

Chuck it must be squirrels. Time to cage the bulbs. In a small garden that is easy to do.

Frances last weekend was a most lovely break. If you want snowdrops you can have some, no need to encourage me. Mark your calender for Sunday, May 22nd. That is the next garden tour on the mountain, sort of a dry run for that time frame.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Despite your cold and snow your bulbs are way ahead of mine. What excitement seeing them emerge. It rained here all afternoon yesterday. Snow this morning.

Lola said...

Hooray, I discovered 2 tiny Grape Hyacinth in bloom today as I was blundering around.
Peach tree in bud but not apple. Did my pruning.
Yes, azalea will be blooming before long.