Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Back To The Garden

With the brutal tree work done in clearing the utility easement, it seemed appropriate that the garden season could resume uninterrupted. Yes it is a bit early in the year to make such a call. Loose cows can wander by at anytime. Any number of oddities have managed to find their way to the mountaintop.

The early spring bulbs are following a normal schedule. I was much pleased that the second sack of Winter Aconite was a success. Now let them multiply as advertised.

The crocus were slightly dinged during the tree work. They will survive. Others in this ring around the fire pit are awol. I'm sure they were a tasty winter snack for some damn varmint.

You see a tree fell right next to the crocus. From there it was chopped up and carted a bit further away. In the bigger scheme of things such minor trifles don't matter. The garden will grow on and in this case very much intact.

I don't have near this much angst when a tree falls in a client's garden. I have been through things like this a thousand times. The garden always grows on.

It is part of my job to soothe the client's angst and tidy up the left over mess to make things better quickly. I did the same here with just maybe a wee bit more agitation involved.

It's all good now.

The tree formerly known as rotten was rolled off the Great Lawn in to the forest edge. I'm thinking these logs may need to be rearranged into a new pattern. What could they become? I'll think on it.

I'll think on it because I may have a bit of time on my hands in a few days. It seems the garden season is about to be interrupted before it fully resumes after the most recent disturbance.

Would you believe winter will be arriving Sunday morning? Yes winter, with a suggested three to six inches of snow for starters and so far, four days of freezing kind cold.

In a normal winter I would expect this of March. This winter was not normal. March is supposed to be the new April. We are lucky high on the low spot. The daffodils are the only thing truly out of whack. A heavy snow is going to snap plenty of their flower stems, but with 10,000 daffodils, the show will go on when winter is done.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like your attention brought to the tree trimmers did a lot of good. I am glad you aren't having to be despondent about destruction. I will be interested in seeing what you do with that pile of huge logs. The wind has battered our poor daffodils. The big rain that came with it smashed so many of the crocus I was a bit despondent. Not to worry. A few more late ones have opened. Carry on...