Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Late Afternoon In The Garden

It seems the days got longer over night. Now I don't sit until after 7pm many days That makes for low blogging enthusiasm until I adjust to this new schedule.

Last Sunday was another matter. A day predicted to be sunny and fifty degrees was cloudy, cold and thirty until mid-afternoon. I didn't think I was going to be able to work in my own garden. It was well below my minimum operating temperature.

The sun finally came out and it warmed right up. I managed to sow peas, spinach and lettuce in the roadside vegetable garden. The potatoes will have to wait for another day. They sit sprouted on the kitchen counter ready to go.

Unsquashed daffodils are blooming nicely.

The Trout Lilies are up. Even better it is making babies. Maybe one day I will have a carpet of Trout Lilies on the forest floor.

Maybe one day I will have a carpet of Winter Aconite in the Great Lawn before it wakes for the season.

The tree formerly known as rotten was rearranged. The grasses in the Tall Flower Meadow were cut and the rubbish was burned.

I even went ahead and transplanted the Red Twig Dogwoods that were worth saving in preparation for finding some Dog Hobble to follow me home. The plan is to close in a hedge of it behind the glass and tile table top. I need six. I might be forced to buy them.

I'm beginning to think my idea of a garden that would blend into the forest setting has gone out the window, particularly during the period of winter interest. Even I slow down to rubberneck while driving by. I know plenty other people do to. That is not a sign of blending in.

Oh well. It was a nice idea while it lasted.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ha, I can just see you slowly driving by thinking Why did I do that??

Christopher C. NC said...

Ha Lisa. It's more like why don't I do that too? I've been influenced by Christopher Mello and Wamboltopia.