Thursday, March 2, 2017


The deciduous shrubberies in the impact zones have been tagged with bright orange tape. The idea is when the crew cleans up the rubbish they will be careful not to cause any further damage than what is likely to happen from falling limbs. Maybe the tree butcher will even make an effort to direct the fall as much as possible.

I have the letter I received last year which states, "the Cooperative will remove debris at its expense from 'clean and maintained' areas." This ain't suburbia, but the wild cultivated gardens are most certainly clean and maintained. I am willing to forgo a good bit of the removed part in favor of the clean part.

It would be a pain for them to haul all that stuff out. I told him yesterday, if you cut it in smaller pieces and stack it off to the sides I would be fine with that. I will show them exactly where to put the rubbish.

There will be a lot of foot traffic no doubt. Can I get them to use the paths as much as possible? I have bulbs emerging, four clumps of Winter Aconite so far.

The weeds in the Great Lawn are just starting to bloom and a whole entire tree might land right on top of them. At least I know the voles didn't eat them.

Yea, though I garden in the valley of the utility easement, I will fear no destruction. I am a gardener. What I do is clean up the mess other people cause and make things pretty again like it never happened. I do that with other people's money though. At home there isn't so much of that.

Breathe. I may just ask if I can help. I will supervise the cleanup.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Get out your hard hat and glow in the dark vest. They probably won't want you there to be hurt in any way. Way worse than hurting a plant or two. I think these guys will be careful since you have shown so much interest in what they will be doing.

Barry said...

I found out from a neighbor that the brush-cutters' hearing and memory greatly improved with a discreetly placed 12-pack of a favored beverage (Tecate - in Anaheim, then). They didn't even leave the empties. Crew of five guys, with two keeping shovels in vertical position, two actually chopping and sawing, one futzing with a dead chainsaw. My fence was unscathed, so even if it was by chance, it didn't hurt.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I am going to try a detailed walk through at the least and hope for the best.

Barry I have given that notion some considerable thought. Mainly saying to them, if you are careful and do a good job, you will be rewarded. Nothing up front. I have seen the quality of their work from last fall.