Friday, March 3, 2017

While 'Arnold' Is Still Here

I was having snow flurries this morning. There was no mention of snow flurries. The cold was mentioned. It was almost like it was March again. That will be over tomorrow.

I went to the dermatologist first thing this morning and left frozen and all sliced up. They wanted samples. I wanted them to at least take that one thing off immediately. No just a sample. Why do it in one visit when they can book me for two? It's time to pay for a life time of sunshine.

The lows have been in the mid-twenties the last two nights. Tonight may go lower. The daffodils don't mind. Cold is not much of a problem. Heavy snow or ice mixed with wind can be a stem snapping problem. So far so good. It will be April again tomorrow.

'Arnold' is still here. 'Jelena' is my favorite so far, but there is something to be said for 'Arnold's' later bloom time.

I stood next to 'Arnold' a few days ago and realized it is near five feet tall. That was a nice discovery. He is only one year older than the others. Perhaps this year the Witch Hazels will aim for becoming real shrubs.

Bulbarella is going to be a bit surprised when she arrives tomorrow and sees how many of her daffodils are already in bloom. It is an odd spring. Daffodils are blooming and the puschkinia and chionodoxa are no where to be seen. The anemones are only thinking of getting started. The crocus are still coming up. It's all oddness.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is strange. I had one windflower pop up. A few spring beauties are about to open.

Sallysmom said...

Are the daffs in the first daff pic pseudonarcissus?

Christopher C. NC said...

Same here Lisa, a few windflowers have opened and the Spring Beauty is coming up. I saw a few flowers of it when is was warm a few days ago.

Sallysmom I looked up N. pseudonarcissus and it is possible those are them. I don't know for sure.

Jan O said...

Your Witch Hazels have been so beautiful. I've ordered some seedlings (Hamamelis vernalis) from the MO Dept of Conservation-also Aromatic Sumac (Rhus aromatica)-and am looking for them to arrive pretty soon.