Friday, March 31, 2017

Red Twigs

I came upon some red twig dogwood today I had forgotten about. So I cut them down. They only produced a few meager barely rooted stem pieces. Not enough to satisfy me.

A bunch of red twig stems were added to the bucket of water with the yellow twigs in my experiment to see if they will root in water. Maybe if I add some willow branch that would help by getting some of the natural rooting hormone in there. I know where a willow is I want.

Imagine if you will, six foot tall clusters of bright red and yellow twigs below the Great Lawn and behind the Doghobble hedge in the barren time. I have been imagining it for years. I have just been having trouble making the Dogwoods grow which is so wrong. They should love my wet ground and grow like weeds. I don't like to spend good money on rooted weeds in pots, so I keep trying.

The Trillium not so luteum until the very end is up. One is now three so it can be forgiven for lacking in the luteum.

The Great Lawn is turning into a real blooming weed patch. It needs violets. I should work on that.

More kind daffodils are coming into bloom.

Some of them are surprises. I could have forgotten what kind they were. This could be the first bloom in years since being planted or equally possible they get all mixed up in Bulbarella's factory. I have some clumps that are two kind daffodils and random minor bulbs keep popping up all over.

A half dead dwarf blue spruce followed me home this week. I thought I would try to rescue it. Its time in the wrong place in a proper garden was over. I planted it close to my half dead dwarf white pine. I really need to get the scale off the pine before it is completely dead. Scale love white pine for some reason.

The garden is really getting full these days. I will need to spend some quality time editing for elbow room when the Lush begins. A decade later it feels like the garden is entering a new phase.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I also think that in a decade our mind set shifts a little. We look at things a bit differently. I can even see the garden of your dreams emerging. Fun.