Saturday, March 18, 2017


There has been a great deal of resistance to the full time resumption of my money making rut. I'm willing. Things just keep getting in the way.

The snow has melted. Come Monday I will try once again to start refilling the coffers full time.

I did work today after the rain passed. My second item on the agenda was thwarted by a closed gate to which I have never been overly interested in getting the code. I came home early instead.

No problem. The wind and snow and big rain last night caused the glass and tile table top past the fire pit to fall over. The tree trimmers pulled them - good thing - before dropping a tree on top of them. He just jammed them back in the ground. It was on my list to reset them. Then winter arrived and it was put on hold.

They are firmly reset now.

The low mounding evergreen tapestry of texture and color that is the garden of winter interest rests in a post traumatic phase ready for spring. Is it all over yet?

Tomorrow the grasses will come down. The first sowing in the roadside vegetable garden is planned. I have a little post tree trimmer chainsaw work that needs doing. Tomorrow is my garden day. Then back to the routine.

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