Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Little Things Of Spring

The Under Garden's final month of prominence is at hand. More life is stirring. As the world turns green, the contrast of the Under Garden to the barren will be lost. 

There are daffodils of course. A  good number of them survived the snowsquash. It's all about how far along they are when a bout of winter returns. There are enough that there will be daffodils blooming for another month.

The minor bulbs are beginning to bloom. There are random specks and big patches spread across the wild cultivated gardens. Their numbers increase annually and exponentially.

It still looks barren out there, but a slow walk on a warm day is full of discovery.

The legendary Oconee Bell has opened for spring. This gifted plant has done well for me. Ever so slowly it is expanding. I contemplate dividing it since it now has multiple heads. Patience is a wiser option. Why hurry? I am here for the duration.

The relocated Trout Lilies are up and blooming. The more days that go by the more babies I am finding near one patch. We like multiplication.

I was just pleased that most of the Winter Aconite came up in the second attempt at bulb planting. The first to bloom looks to be making seed. I have seen the first trilliums rising and the Celendine Poppy is forming mounds of foliage as it prepares to bloom.

Life is stirring. The little things come first.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love that little touch of blue skies in the garden. Fun fun.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the chionodoxa is my favorite minor bulb, more so than crocus. I have a few. Bulbarella has thousands. I need more.