Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bent Baby Trees

It was eight degrees this morning and the wind was blowing. It barely got up to twenty during the day and the wind kept blowing. Bloom Day has been cancelled until this weekend. I did not go out there to get pictures of my bent baby trees. I zoomed in from the front porch.

That's a Bosnian Pine under there.

That's another Bosnian Pine under there. I waffled on wandering out there and knocking off the snow to unbend them, but it was cold out there and the wind was blowing. I also worried that doing so in their frozen state might actually cause them to snap.

Better to leave them bent, frozen and unbroken I thought. Let them learn to adjust to the circumstances on their own.

Bosnian Pines are actually from the mountains of the Balkans, Italy and Greece. They like cool high elevation climates and should know how to do bending snow. This has happened more than once and they have remained unbroken.

That's the third Bosnian Pine and a Foster's Holly behind it. I don't think hollies like to bend. I know they are not overly fond of snow and cold and I am pushing the zone and elevation limits with this holly.

But it's not broken and grows just as slow as all the other conifers and evergreens.

There were a number of other bent baby evergreen trees out there in the garden. Even the boxwood around the propane tank was a bent heap under the snow. By tomorrow afternoon they should begin to emerge from their bent frozen state and I will find out if all is well.

They will have to be. There is no other option if they want to live with me.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Cold pictures. Happy day anyway.