Saturday, March 11, 2017

Daffodils Before The Snowsquash

Sister #2 headed back south this morning. She had never seen the daffodils before. The delivery date was always too early. Bulbarella does not want to miss a single bulb. Not this year.

It was a surprise. The daffodils were early, way early. The daffodils were quite near the April 1st stage. Sister #2 got lucky. She had daffodils and late spring weathers.

That is all over. Winter has arrived for a nice week long visit. Two to four inches of snow are on tap for tonight. The daffodils that think it is April are about to get squashed.

Cold isn't the problem. Stem bending snow on heavy blooms is the problem. Hollow stems snap. Perky daffodils will be no more.

I went to view the daffodils before they were no more and found the first trillium rising. It will be fine. It is close enough to the ground that the stem won't snap.

There is an ample supply of reserve daffodils yet to bloom. There will be more when winter is over. I have a feeling this week may have been the peak showing for the year. Too many of them are too far along. The snappage loss is bound to be considerable.

The daffodils are here and the minor bulbs like Puschkinia and Chionodoxa are still in hiding. Even the Hyacinthoides is in the proper stage for a normal winter in March.

On Friday afternoon the wind chilly had already started to blow.

The prelude to the Snowsquash began at 11am on Saturday.

It never got above thirty three degrees, but the first half inch had trouble sticking. I had trouble staying awake.

The prelude melted while I was napping. I went out in the cold for one last look at some perky daffodils.

Today you could see the winter Under Garden.

Tomorrow it will be under winter.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The good thing about these spring snows is that it doesn't usually stick around very long.

Christopher C. NC said...

Indeed Lisa. The roads are fine and it is melting fast. We still have three more days of winter on tap with colder cold coming.