Monday, March 13, 2017

On The Thirteenth Day

One more trip around the sun begins and ends while the tug of seasons swirls above the mountains. Winter is literally on one side. Spring is on the other.

There was a slight spring rebound, enough to melt most of the snow. Another winter delivery is scheduled for tonight and tomorrow.

While I could I took one more trip around the wild cultivated gardens.

There was going to be a daffodil snappage assessment before they got buried in snow once more. There has been no commitment on snowfall totals this go round. This may be the storm where I get a sample of all kind winter wet.

One heiau gathered a few more rocks this winter. It is growing. I may even get it finished one day. My new strategy is to bring home the rocks I dig up when planting things. I plant a lot of things and there are rocks in most every hole.

It was not quite spring enough for the crocus today.

The Winter Aconite felt the same way. It was nippy out there as the sky got lower and darker.

Will winter be done by St, Patrick's Day in time for the planting of the peas and potatoes in the roadside vegetable garden? It is fully dunged and ready to go.

One old chimney freshly melted.

The good news is: so far the snappage of the daffodil's flower stems is minimal. With 10,000 daffodils on Bulbarella's mountain the show will go on.

They survived the first snowfall.

This gives a better idea of the future turnip fields without the strong shadows of the barren tree trunks. Think the terraced fields of Bali with turnips and an asparagus patch or two. Just give us time.

The time has come. Spring draws near. The last of the grasses will be cut soon.

One more trip around the garden begins and ends at Hale Mana. I am blessed on this thirteenth day.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you aren't iced or snowed in now with no damage to the daffs.