Monday, March 6, 2017

Miracles Do Happen

I was not expecting them today. It was raining. But they pulled in right as I was about to head out. There was a quick walk through the garden and I pointed out the dividing line between chop and drop and the cleanup zone and where the rubbish could be stashed in the clean part. I also suggested it would be perfectly fine to pull the glass and tile table tops if they thought the tree was going to land on it.

I'm beginning to think the tree trimmer has learned from experience or been told to just smile and nod and say as little as possible, then just do what has to be done. It is major tree work. It is brutal and messy. They have to do what they have to do. That is the best approach no doubt.

I left. That was best for everyone involved.

This was the garden the day before.

This was the garden after they finished and after I did a minor touch up to get the sticks they missed.

Here is a closer look at the garden after. It is a miracle! The garden survived unscathed. There were a few ruffled daffodils and one slim branch broken on an azalea and that was it. I was impressed.

When I came home the garden still looked like the chop and drop zone. Yes that much crap was cut out of the tree over that end of my evergreen garden of winter interest. Being short and low to the ground paid off.

The worst thing that happened were these long scratches they left on this slope and that is nothing. It's not even worth raking out. The life of the soil will smooth that out in no time. The Lush will hide it quicker.

You can see the kind of limbing up they did on that maple tree on the right. Not a single shrub below that I cared about was harmed. A few of the wild hydrangea were bent, but that don't matter. It was a miracle.

That tree did indeed fall over the left eye of Creation just as I had predicted. The table tops were moved and put back. I will reset them to make sure they are secure. I have a new stump which I do believe will get re-cut for a level top. Something can be placed upon it.

It is a miracle. They did a fine job and the garden survived intact. I have already replanted my new baby shrubberies and all the bright orange tape is gone.

When they were leaving I asked if they were all finished here. He said yes. Maybe he meant finished for today. I thought they would want to do more chopping in the sunny utility meadow end of things. The dangerous part is done at least.

Thanks guys. See you in 2027.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you bragged on them to their face. I am sure they don't get much of that. A good job.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes I did Lisa. I gave him a thumbs up and repeated thank yous.

beverly said...

Oh boy write a nice letter to the boss and maybe they will leave you alone now. All that schmoozing paid off! Congrats; I know the anxiety!