Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In Siberolina

I can not believe the first real winter snow and cold of the season has arrived the second week of March after the well established initiation of spring. Ugh!!

It started with rain last night and in rapid succession went to freezing rain, slush, then snow.

I woke up to Siberolina. It's wet. It's heavy. It is sticking to every surface. My poor baby evergreen trees are bent so far over they are close to touching the ground. This is dangerous. Things could snap and five years of torturously slow growth could be lost. Please don't do that. Crush the daffodils instead.

It is pretty though.

Deciduous trees fare much better under these conditions.

There is good news. The utility company has been clearing the lines in the area since last year. They cleared me last week. That wasn't traumatic at all. The power is still on - for now.

The other good news is my taxes are done, signed, sealed and ready for mailing. The bad news as always is I owe big money I do not have. It's a never ending vicious cycle. But I have power and chocolate.

Tomorrow's high is going to be very low. Melting even with full sun may be minimal.

All that snow stuck up in the tree tops has to come down. You don't really want to be out there while that process is going on.

Does the roadside vegetable garden look ready to plant?

My other big adventure for the day was a trip to the mailbox. It would seem that was not on the mail carrier's agenda.

It was a productive day in Siberolina at least. Two horribly taxing items are off the list.

Just a little reminder, this was yesterday.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you have power. It is pretty. We just had enough snow to cover the grass and then the sun came out to take care of that. Then snow showers off and on today. Was looking for a snowbow due to the sun shining at the same time at one point. Keep warm.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I think a piece of the New England blizzard got sheared off and stuck in the mountains. I wasn't expecting round two to be worse, just colder.