Friday, March 17, 2017

The Dandelion Was Still There

One thing has emerged from the snowsquash no worse for the wear. This dandelion is as perky as can be. I spotted the first dandelion of spring near the dung piles before the snow fell.

The crocus fared pretty well too. They look good enough even with some crisping on the petal edges.

The daffodils are another matter. It is a mixed bag of snapped stems and those that stand a chance of perking up.

The baby Bosnian Pines are upright again. They have a definite lean to the south and the sun. That is more of a long term sunlight issue than a snowsquash issue.

Poor, poor daffodils. All we can do is wait for the melt and some warm. There are certainly a large number of daffodils in reserve. The bloom is not completely lost. It is dented, that's for sure.

I will say our elevation and Tennessee border location does have its advantages. The daffodils I saw today lower down and further south looked miserable. Some actually looked like they froze. The further along they are in bloom and growth, the more susceptible daffodils are to cold damage.

The melt had begun. The coming rain will move it along.

The Winter Aconite are proving to be a sturdy and patient lot.

I will look for them with the crocus in a normal year. We are bound to have one now and again.

While I was looking at crocus, some spiky foliage poking up through the snow caught my eye. I do believe I found one of the missing clumps of crocus from around the fire pit. There they were eight feet away under a fern leaf. They looked a bit large and to numerous to be from seed.

Why would some damn varmint dig up crocus bulbs only to store them below ground eight feet away? Have Carol's garden fairies moved into my garden? Damn Fairies!

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Squirrels plant things all over my garden. Luckily they have never uprooted the crocuses. I hope they never start that. Maybe it is because we feed birds. They are busy planting sunflowers all over the garden, in pots etc. I know it is them because they never just put one seed in to grow. They always put multiples. They remove my mini hostas from pots and either eat them or throw them on the ground and plant their seed of choice. Drives me crazy.