Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Plant Shopping

Spring has gotten a hold of me and I have been having a need to plant before the Lush takes over. Sometimes you have to jump up and down a bit vigorously to get a plant to fall out of the ground.

I knew just where to dance to get some Doghobble, Leucothoe fontanesiana, to follow me home.

An added bonus in my travels today was a start of the native Galax urceolata. I have been eyeing it for a couple years. Today a couple pieces broke off.

I stopped to look at some newly opened daffodils on my way to planting.

I managed to turn one big wad of rooted Doghobble stems into seven plants.

That was enough to close in a hedge below the Great Lawn. It will take a few years of course. I'm very frugal in my shopping and tend to start very, very small with a lot of things.

They aren't tiny at least. Maybe a dash of fertilizer would be in order just to move things along.

The rain has been most cooperative with my plantings this last week. It makes life easier when I don't have to water things.

The Oconee Bells are now open.

Next on my list is some red twig dogwood. I don't think any of the gardens I tend have any of the plain green leaf kind. Maybe one? That makes shopping harder and more expensive. I have tried the variegated ones and they don't seem to like it here at all.

Meanwhile, next door at Bulbhilla,

Bulbarella is enjoying a very good show.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fun...I don't think I have ever seen doghobble.

beverly said...

Those Oconee bells are spectacular! Jealous! (: (but I couldn't grow them anyway)